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About Us

About Us


Our company has an annual production capacity of 2000 long extrusion press and profiles up to 8 mt long.
with anodizing plant with coating technology; Aluminum profile industry, electrical-electronics industry, machinery
equipment, chemical, architectural applications, automotive and construction companies
with its range and quality.

Modern, economical, convenient and quality aluminum profiles are produced and anodized coating is made.

Since the day it was founded, it aimed to be a pioneer in the sector, quality trust and customer satisfaction in the foreground.
Our company, which keeps these goals even further,
technological infrastructure.


AL-PROF ALUMINUM is to become a worldwide company for the future. Working more and more feet
to keep, to improve the quality of services in this direction, and one of Turkey's leading manufacturer of aluminum profiles
It is to be.



As a company with a prominent position in the sector, we increase our annual export values and increase our product diversity.
Our quality is to draw higher without compromising.

Contemporary, global and technological quality
It is to take. To increase the domestic and international market share and to continue towards the future with the right and sure steps.


The mold is the first and perhaps the most important element of manufacturing. Experienced personnel in this first stage of manufacturing more than customers
Our company, which provides services in both profile design and product development, provides support and service to external suppliers who are specialized in mold making and design in order to produce the profiles to be produced with desired tolerances and surface quality. The production lines of our company are 2 pieces

    1. Extrusion unit

    1. Anodizing unit



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